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Man Power Recruitment

We at Air King International believe that having the best talent in the company in this competitive era is the need of the hour. Manpower is the foundation on which the business thrives and it is important to have a strong foundation to ensure continuous success even in rough tides. The success of the business relies on the manpower, and acquiring the best talent for you is our job. Many companies have turned to the Air King International for the complete recruitment process. We deliver our services nationally and internationally by following a rigorous recruitment process. Our comprehensive and professional HR team helps in finding the best person for the position and our recruitment solution helps to maximize our client’s satisfaction. With our Manpower Recruitment service, we aim to create an ideal source and place business model ensuring an optimal match of the employer and employee. Our services are broadly classified into HRD Consultancy, Manpower Supply, and Educational Consultancy Service. We serve in areas like- Engineering, Sales & Marketing, Medical & Para Medical Staff, Drivers & Security Guards, and Hospitality Sector providing both skilled and unskilled manpower solutions. Over the years, we have understood the market and we serve our global network to meet the workforce. We ensure that our manpower recruitment meets your need for long term.

Recruitment Process

Finding a right candidate is like finding a needle in the grass which is difficult but not impossible. While starting this business, one thing Mr. Joseph was sure was that he will not compromise with the talent and only the best candidate will be recruited. So, he created a recruitment process that helps to find the best of the candidates from the lot and filter out unnecessary resumes from the database.

  1. Finding the match via software: Whenever our clients approach with a vacancy, we check our database of 75,000 resumes via software and see if there is a suitable match. Our professional team of recruiters personally checks the job description sent by the client to find a suitable candidate in terms of experience, qualification, and personality. Most of the time, we do get few candidates according to the profile mentioned by the client and we conduct the first round of interview with them but if we are not able to find any then we seek permission from the client to give an advertisement in classifieds.
  2. Advertising in the publication: This is a tedious process as lots of applications come via print and electronic media and it takes time to segregate useful ones from the lot. But publishing in newspapers or job portals online is a great way to find out new talent for the job.
  3. Shortlisting resumes: Once the applications have been received, our team shortlists the resumes they feel are perfect for the profile and give the shortlisted resumes to the client. The client can further decide whether the resumes sent to them are of any good or not. The client can further shortlist resumes from the ones given by us and ask to go ahead with a preliminary interview.
  4. Preliminary Interview: The shortlisted resumes by clients are called upon for the first round of the interview which is conducted by our able team of recruiters. Here, they check communication skills, technical expertise and confidence level of a person. If the candidate preliminary round only then they are sent for interview directly with the client.
  5. Employer-candidate interaction: Now this can be a single round of interaction or it can have two or three rounds depending on the client. We arrange such interviews in India and abroad, on skype or in person depending on the feasibility of the client. This is the deciding interview for the candidates.
  6. Shortlisting after the interview: Employer after conducting a final interview with the selected candidates will shortlist the candidate he thinks is perfect for the position and tell us to go ahead with other formalities.
  7. Medical Check-up: This is one thing we make sure before closing the recruitment and selection process. The selected candidate has to undergo physical medical check-up so that the company is aware that the selected candidate is perfectly healthy for joining the company.
  8. Salary Negotiation: Once the candidate passes all the level, salary negotiation is done with him and accordingly he is given the final offer letter.
  9. Final Recruitment: Once the candidate accepts the offer letter and aga rees with the terms of joining, his recruitment is done and is given an appointment letter.
  10. Feedback: We make sure to take feedback of the candidate from our clients and only then close the recruitment process.

N.B: As our recruitment process is very systematic and streamlined, we clearly mention our clients that it may take 8-12 weeks. However, in case of urgent recruitment, we do adjust to the timeline.

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